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Risk & reward Share 1000 542 WallerJones®

Risk & reward Share

If you do something and it costs time and money, is it worth doing? What would the cost be for not doing it? How do you measure Return on Investment? Well some of it is pretty easy to calculate. An ecommerce website for example costs time and money to set up and then operate. The Sales income after operating read more
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Pandemic spending

Wow, what a couple of years. We have witnessed highs and lows like never before with many of our clients.…

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Customer Knows Best 1024 536 WallerJones®

Customer Knows Best

You’ve been successful at building your store. But you want more. Maybe you have hit a wall in terms of…

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The 7 “M’s” 150 150 WallerJones®

The 7 “M’s”

Social media marketing. Influencer marketing. Affiliate marketing. Email marketing. Content marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) Paid advertising (PPC, SEM, etc.) When it comes to online marketing every business will have different set of results from the different types of marketing. Some will do a bit of everything, some will focus read more
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Throughout time people have followed, copied or been jealous of others. Humans are so easily influenced by others. The digital era has perpetuated this and social media accelerated the pace of influence. We have been lucky enough to witness first hand influencer campaigns that have gone viral. Where the Return on a particular read more
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Website Traffic

Is your shop boarded up? Is it sitting in the middle of a desert? The thing is about an amazing website, is it’s only amazing if people get to see it. And that means traffic. Just like passing trade on the highstreet your shop window may as well be in the middle of a desert if you do not have traffic sources. And the quality of traffic is key too. read more
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Website content

It’s all very well having a new website. It looks great, it’s responsive, easy to navigate and to buy products from. But there is a big problem if no-one can find it. We can put your Webstore on the Virtual High street through SEO and Social Media Optimisation plus help manage your online reputation. User Experience optimised to enhance conversion to sales and that all important ROAS – Return On Advertising Spend read more
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The difference between objective and subjective opinion is huge! 20 years of working closely with a multitude of customers has time and time again identified the difference between what our client sees and what their customer sees. You get familiar with something, it becomes personal and a little like a messy bedroom sometimes you are just used to seeing it messy. read more

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