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It’s all very well having a new website. It looks great, it’s responsive, easy to navigate and to buy products from. But there is a big problem if no-one can find it. We can put your Webstore on the Virtual High street through SEO and Social Media Optimisation plus help manage your online reputation. User Experience optimised to enhance conversion to sales and that all important ROAS – Return On Advertising Spend

Social Media Optimisation is digital marketing that ensures your social media platforms are engaging enough to drive traffic to your website. 

There are four key elements to Optimising your Social Media:

  • Create Shareable Content

Increase your social links by the development of content that people will want to share and link to. Create a blog on your website or a video channel, delivering relevant fashion news or Influencer recommendations

  • Make Sharing Simple

Add share and social link buttons to your website and blog/channel to encourage simple sharing, recommendations and bookmarks. 

  • Provide a Value to Users

By adding outbound links into your content helps your website.  You should attract a loyal follower base that gets value from your recommendations or market insight. Valuable content increases SEO as you become more attractive to the Google algorithm that decides you are a useful reference adding you to the top of SERPs.  

  • Reward follower loyalty

Reward your loyal followers with the occasional follow back, thank you gift or discount code. Let them know you value their support, you will gain a loyal follower and ensure greater customer retention. 

Waller Jones specialise in the development of Websites and Webstore Optimisation.

We are able to offer service contracts to support your internet marketing campaign management and are fluent in strategies around:

Social Media marketing activity 

Social Media Optimisation

Online reputation Management

PPC / Adwords / Display advertising/ dynamic tag remarketing

SEO / Mobile SEO

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