Website Design

Websites are much much more than the old Yellow Pages. In most cases they have become the heart of a business’s sales and operations. No longer just somewhere to grab a phone number as a customer. Information, reflection of brand identity as well as transaction powerhouses.

We have broken websites down into 3 types that we get involved with from a design and build perspective but of course there is tons of crossover. Click relevant website type you would like to read more about:

Stand Alone Ecommerce

This is entirely direct sales without a physical shop. Stock is fulfilled from one or more warehouse locations and often through multiple channels (eg. Website(s), marketplace, social media shops).


Integrated Highstreet & Online Retail

You have one or more high street shop and simultaneously sell online via a website (and or other channels). Sales are fulfilled from Shop stock as well as warehousing if included.


Brochure Website

You are just wanting to shout out about your business. Your website is just a marketing tool to drive customers to your Business and give your business credibility. E.g. WallerJones Website is a Brochure site.


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